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I am Kelly, a believer, an avid beach girl, mom, actor, and storyteller --- THANK YOU FOR VISITING MY PAGE!
As also a writer, and producer, I absolutely LOVE storytelling and connecting with the emotions we as people tend to suppress or silence. I am a veteran of Film Acting school in Hampton Roads, Virginia and have also worked with Crash Acting Studio in Los Angeles and Kristen Shaw in Atlanta, GA. I've also grateful to have booked film acting and commercial roles with Walmart, Better Homes & Gardens, Similac- Abbott Labs, Virginia Lottery, CBN, Investigation Discovery, Lunchables, Meredith Corporation, and more.
In 2008, I took a step back from her career to focus on raising my amazing three children, and embark in full time ministry in various states,  which opened opportunities for her to counsel others and learn their stories. In 2016 I completed my Bachelor of Science in Pastoral Leadership and Counseling, then went on to complete my Master of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication , with honors and a 3.9 GPA from Regent University in Virginia Beach, Virginia. For several years I worked in the NYC-NJ Metro region as the Associate Media Director/Producer for  multisite, megachurch Christ Church USA, and now I am a Features Producer with the Christian Broadcasting Network. I wanna meet you!

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